Japan Takes StepsTo Counter Over Tourism

Japan Takes StepsTo Counter Over Tourism

As foreign visitors return in droves following the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan has outlined new plans to counter problems associated with overtourism.

Recognising the pressing need to address the adverse effects of large-scale tourism, officials revealed countermeasure plans which include a  strengthening infrastructure in order to welcome tourists and better cope with overcrowding in popular cities. 

One proposal involves expanding the bus and taxi fleets in major cities to enhance transit options, thus increasing flexibility and capacity.

The plan suggests sending support to areas that experience a significant uptick in tourists during certain seasons so that taxi companies can offer increased service during those times.

In particular, destinations like ski resorts face severe spikes in demand during specific times of the year, often overwhelming local businesses.

Another plan is to implement more direct bus routes to key destinations and consider higher fares during peak travel times to encourage travellers to choose times when the transportation network can more effectively handle the load.

Officials also emphasised the importance of herding visitors away from major hotspots like Tokyo and Kyoto to lesser-known areas in order to reduce the concentration of tourists.

The Japanese National Tourism Organization (JNTO) revealed that Japan welcomed over two million international visitors each month for four consecutive months in 2023, reaching 96 percent of the tourist numbers in 2019.

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