All UK Travel Restrictions Lifted

All UK Travel Restrictions Lifted

Travellers planning to enter the United Kingdom will no longer be subject to travel restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 after the government has announced that it would abolish all the remaining preventive measures.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says anyone arriving in the UK from 4 AM on Friday, March 18 will no longer need to adhere to any COVID-19 rules.

“These changes are possible due to our vaccine rollout and mean greater freedom in time for Easter,”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps Tweet

This means people will be able to travel to the UK without any COVID restrictions for the first time since spring 2020.

This announcement means that even passengers who are not fully vaccinated will no longer have to take COVID-19 tests before or after travelling to the UK. Passenger Locator Forms (PLF) are also being scrapped at the end of the week.

Currently, all passengers have to complete a passenger locator form and those who are not fully vaccinated have to take tests before and after travelling to the UK. But this will no longer be the case on Friday.

Travellers should note that they will generally still be required to wear masks on their flight and in airports, though London's Heathrow became the first major airport in the UK to announce it would end its mask requirement this week.

“Effective from Wednesday 16 March, we'll remove the requirement for wearing face coverings at the airport. We still strongly encourage both colleagues and passengers to wear them, particularly when they come into close contact with others, but this will no longer be mandatory”

Heathrow Airport Tweet

COVID Rules In Place in the UK

England lifted all domestic COVID restrictions in January, though people are still encouraged to wear masks in busy indoor areas.

Elsewhere in the UK, some restrictions apply.

Scotland will lift most of its remaining COVID-19 restrictions next week, but face masks will continue to be required on public transport while infection levels are high, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated.

“Given the current spike in case numbers, we consider it prudent to retain this requirement in regulation for a further short period,” Sturgeon said.

In Wales, masks are still required in retail, public transport and health care settings. While in Northern Ireland, masks are encouraged in indoor areas but not required.

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