Croatia Joins US Visa Waiver Program: Visa-Free Travel to the US for Croatians

Croatia Joins US Visa Waiver Program: Visa-Free Travel to the US for Croatians

Croatians will soon be able to travel to the United States without the need for a visa.

The American Embassy in Croatia formally confirmed Croatians USA Visa-free travel. Having met the final stipulation set by the USA in 2020, Croatians will have the right to travel to the USA without a visa later this year.

Program Requirement

Late last year, US Ambassador Robert Kohorst said that apart from the Visa Waiver Program crucial requirement, some technical conditions are also needed to be met for the implementation of the Visa Waiver Program, and US services need to be convinced on the ground that all the procedures in Croatia have been conducted. 

The main precondition set by the USA for the abolition of visa requirements for Croatians visiting America was a drop in the number of denied Visa applications to below 3%. Croatia attained that result back in September 2020. 

It’s Official

Tweeting from the official account of the American Embassy in Croatia, the news of Croatians USA Visa-free travel was released on Tuesday 16 February 2021. This is the first time that official confirmation of Croatians USA Visa-free travel has come from American authorities.

She went on to thank the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian government for their help in securing Croatians USA Visa-free travel.

Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus are the only European Union member states whose citizens cannot enter the United States without a visa.

USA Visa Waiver Program

The US Visa Waiver Program enables eligible citizens of designated countries to travel to the United States for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less without first obtaining a visa. Aside from applying for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), eligible citizens also need an e-Passport to enter the US.

Currently, 39 countries are part of the visa waiver program and in return, those 39 countries must permit US citizens and nationals to travel to their countries for a similar length of time without a visa for business or tourism purposes.

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