Getting Married in the UK

Getting Married in the UK

Thinking about that wedding dream in London or UK?!

If you and your partner decided to get married in the UK then you must be aware of few important things.

Such as:

1. If you and your partner both are from UK or EEA (European economic area) OR settled in the UK permanently then you have to give 28 days notice to Local registrar office – Simple


2. What, if you or your partner is not UK National or EEA National ?

If you OR your partner is subject to immigration control then you have to give notice to Designated Registrar office, The List of Designated registrar office is provided by home office.

You can only give notice to Registrar office if you have lived in the registrar district for at least 7 days.

3. What is Subject to Immigration ?

Person from outside UK or EEA ( European economic area) and require Visa to enter / remain in the united kingdom.

4. Foreign national getting married in the United Kingdom with UK national OR EEA National.

If you or your partner are Subject to immigration then You have to provide further documentation to Designated register office.

Your notice period can be extended to 70 days if you or your partner:

  • are from outside the EEA or Switzerland
  • have limited or no immigration status in the UK
  • don’t give the registrar enough evidence to show you’re settled in the UK

These are the basic things explained and does not include everything, There are further requirement including  documentation and evidence.

5. If you or your partner is not Living in the UK but wish to  come to uk for getting married with Person settled in the UK/ UK National or EEA National  then there are different visa available

6. If you are not sure about Which Visa you need or How to proceed with your Marriage and immigration for you / Partner then why not contact the expert in IAM team member to help you out with this complex process?

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