Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship From 10th March 2015

Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship From 10th March 2015

Changes apply to Tier 2 Sponsorship online systems from 10th March 2015.

The new functionality permits Tier 2 Visa Family Groups to apply online. This means that Tier 2 Main Applicants can apply with their dependants using the Online Application Service easier than completing a paper form.

Below is how this changes for Clients, Legal Representatives and Sponsors:

  • Clients and their Legal Representatives can complete applications for Tier 2 Family groups (main applicant with dependants) using a online form.
  • The Online Application can also be used for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 5 single Dependant Joiners, however, the paper form should continue to be used for groups of Dependant Joiners.
  • There are a number of advantages to using the Online Application Service for Tier 2 visa applications: 
    1. The application form is shorter, asking only pertinent questions for each application.
    2. The questions are logically ordered to accelerate the application process.
    3. Only an email address and password are required to login. A unique hyperlink will be sent for each application via the email address given by you.
    4. The same email address can be used to create and submit applications on behalf of multiple Clients and to receive notifications of multiple payments.
    5. The completed PDF of the application form can be downloaded at any point in the application process, for example if the information needs to be checked with you, the applicant.
    6. The Online Service can be accessed on all types of computers, mobile and tablet devices.
    7. The Online Service offers multiple benefits for applicants applying as, or on behalf of, a family group:
      1. It is possible to add/remove dependants prior to the payment.
      2. It is not necessary to complete all information for one Tier 2 Visa applicant before starting to complete the information for another applicant in the group.
      3. The contact details for each applicant are pre-populated with the first applicant’s contact details, but can be edited.
      4. A single payment can be made for a group and a single payment reference number will be generated.
      5. A single declaration can be made for all applicants in a group.
      6. The Service automatically calculates total maintenance payments for the group.
      7. The Service generates a single PDF containing all Tier 2 applications for the group and a single checklist. The date printed will be the same as the submission date.

To get more information on the Tier 2 General Visa regime, contact us or begin your Tier 2 Visa Application Online now.



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