Australia Will Soon Offer Work & Holiday Visa for Young Indians

Australia Will Soon Offer Work & Holiday Visa for Young Indians

Australia will soon offer 1,000 Work and Holiday visas per year to Indian nationals aged between 18-30 years old, as part of a new Free Trade Agreement recently signed between the two countries.

Applications are not yet open, but the Australian government says that Indians will be able to apply for Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visas within two years from the implementation of the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA).

With this type of visa, young Indians will be able to visit Australia for one year, and during this time they can undertake short-term work and study in the country while visiting new places.

Australia will put in place arrangements to allow eligible Indian citizens aged between 18 and 30 to apply for a Work and Holiday visa to visit Australia for one year and undertake short-term work and study while holidaying,”

Statement of the Official

Currently, Australia has the same program in place with 47 other countries. Regarding the matter, a spokesperson of the Department of Home Affairs of Australia said that the country’s government thinks that the Working Holiday Makers make an important economic and cultural contribution to Australia and, at the same time, pointed out that they help in filling labour gaps.

To see the full details of the agreement, check out the official website.

What Is A Work and Holiday Visa

The Work and Holiday (462) visa will allow Indian citizens to visit Australia for an extended holiday of up to one year. During this time, visa holders will be allowed to take up short-term work for up to six months per employer, and study for up to four months.

Those who meet certain requirements during their first year in Australia by completing certain types of work will be able to access second and third-year “backpacker visas” as well.

The basic requirements for Indian citizens to get a Work and Holiday visa for Australia will be:

  • Hold a valid Indian passport
  • Aged 18-30 years old (inclusive) and outside of Australia at the time of applying for the visa
  • Pay the Visa Application Charge (VAC)
  • Have not previously held a Working Holiday Visa or Work and Holiday Visa in Australia
  • Have enough money to support yourself initially in Australia (generally at least AUD5,000 or approx. INR 280,000) and to buy a ticket home when you leave
  • Meet the Australian government’s health and character requirements
  • Have a tertiary qualification and/or have successfully completed at least 2 years of undergraduate university study (specific requirements vary by nationality)
  • Have at least “functional” English language skills
  • Have not had a previous visa application to Australia refused and you/your family members do not owe the Australian government any money
  • Agree to sign the “Australian Values Statement”
  • Will not be accompanied by dependent children

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