Avoiding Travel Chaos During King Charles’s Coronation: London’s Road Closures and Travel Restrictions

Avoiding Travel Chaos During King Charles’s Coronation: London’s Road Closures and Travel Restrictions

The upcoming coronation of King Charles III is a historic event that will have a significant impact on London's roads. The roads and parks around central London will be affected by significant road closures and parking suspensions on 5 and 6 May. 

The Coronation will be held on 06 May 2023 at 11 AM at Westminster Abbey with celebrations around the country. 

The coronation service is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people to be in London and this may affect travel services so people should plan ahead.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how the coronation will affect travel in London.

London Road Closures

One of the most significant impacts of the coronation will be the road closures throughout London. The procession route will be heavily guarded and secured, which means that several roads will be closed to traffic.

Trains and tubes will be running as normal, but services are expected to be very busy, so plan journeys ahead and give yourself extra time. On the day of the coronation, St James’s Park station will be closed and Hyde Park Corner will be exit-only.

Some roads will be closed in central London affecting bus routes and restrictions will be in place on roads in Westminster from 7 PM on 05 May. Westminster Council has published a map showing the full area that will be closed to vehicles during the coronation weekend. 

In addition, pedestrian restrictions will also be put into place around Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

Travel Restrictions

There may also be travel restrictions in place around the event. Security will be high, and the public may be prohibited from certain areas. 

Visitors to the city should be aware that there may be enhanced security checks at transportation hubs and other key locations, which may cause delays or disruptions.

As large crowds are expected throughout the city, this will lead to congestion and potential disruptions, particularly in popular tourist areas. If you plan to visit London during this time, be prepared for longer wait times and queues

It is recommended to book tickets in advance where possible and to plan your itinerary carefully to avoid the busiest areas.

Many heads of state and royals from around the world are possibly attending the event. Airports are likely to run out of parking spots, just like what happened during the Queen's funeral last year, and is expected to happen again.

Accommodation in London is likely to be in high demand during this time so book your accommodation well in advance. 

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