Ireland Adopts COVID Passport to Allow EU, UK, and US Travellers

Ireland Adopts COVID Passport to Allow EU, UK, and US Travellers

Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin has announced several measures to allow for a further phased reopening of Ireland’s society and economy over the summer.

From 2 June, hotels in Ireland will be reopening then outdoor service and restaurants will follow on 7 June.

International travel is scheduled to resume on 19 July by adopting the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

The COVID-19 certificate will help citizens move more freely across the European Union and broadly apply the same approach to arrivals from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Martin also confirmed that restaurants and bars will be able to serve guests indoors from 5 July when arts and sports events can also resume indoor and out with specified crowd limits, so long as the spread of COVID-19 remains under control.

The Duke of York Pub, Belfast
Normally a normally a hotspot for both locals and tourists, it stands empty due to the coronavirus

Steps Towards Normal Times

Speaking during a national address, Mr Martin said that the strategy to combat COVID-19 is working and that “the end of this is within our grasp”.

This is an important time for us all. After the trauma of the last 15 months, we are finally taking definite steps toward enjoying normal times with friends and loved ones again.

Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin

He also stated that the government is monitoring very closely the impact that the different variants will have on the spread of the virus, especially the variant which was first detected in India.

Quarantine-Free Travel to Ireland

All EU countries are to come off the mandatory hotel quarantine list on 19 July. This is to facilitate the introduction of the Digital Green Certificate, or the EU’s COVID passport.

This will allow those who are fully vaccinated, have produced a negative Covid test result from the previous 72 hours, or who have fully recovered from Covid to travel in the EU.

The EU Digital Covid Certificates (DCC) will show if a passenger is vaccinated, if they recovered from COVID-19 in the past 9 months, and if they had a negative test result taken 72 hours before arrival.

Travellers from the EU without the Digital COVID Certificates must have proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to their arrival.

Arrivals From the UK and the US

The new guidelines on travel outline that “to protect its citizens against the importation of variants, an ‘emergency brake’ mechanism will be coordinated at EU level to react swiftly to the emergence of a variant of concern or variant of interest”.

Government advice will be to avoid travel to a country where the emergency brake has been applied.

Different requirements will apply depending on whether a person can provide proof of vaccination and if they are coming from a country where an “emergency” brake has been applied.

Passengers arriving from the UK and the US into Ireland from where the EU has not applied an “emergency brake”:

  • With proof of vaccination will have no travel-related testing or quarantine requirement
  • With no proof of vaccination must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to arrival; self-quarantine; and undergo post-arrival testing provided through the Health Service Executive (HSE).

When an emergency brake is in place, vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers from the UK and the US must still provide a negative test, undergo self-quarantine and post-arrival testing even if they have proof of vaccination.

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