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Overseas Sole Representatives of firms, organisations and agencies are able to obtain a Sole Representative UK Visa / Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

If you are a profitable trading organisation or employed in a senior position in a firm, organisation or agency that is located outside the UK,  you may qualify for a work visa to the UK under the provisions of the sole representative UK visas scheme. You must be able to show you meet the English language requirements.

Your organisation, that has no UK presence, will be able to send a member of staff to the UK on a Sole Representative Visa. This Visa allows that member of staff to set up a presence for your organisation in the UK. From there, a number of opportunities are available to your organisation in order to ensure employee mobility between your UK branch and that of other branches around the world.

The Representative of an Overseas Business visa, normally called the Sole Representative Visa is granted for a period of three years and allows you to bring your dependent family to the UK. Your dependants will also be able to take on unrestricted paid employment.

Requirements For the Proposed Sole Representative
To be Eligible you need to first make your application from outside the EEA. During that application process, you will need to show that you have enough funds to look after yourself (Support) and any other dependants without recourse to public funds.

Finally, for your knowledge requirements, you need to have extensive related industry experience and knowledge. You will also need to satisfy the immigration officers that you have a good grasp of the English language by having passed an English language test equivalent to CEFR level A1.

Requirements for an Organisation Employing a Sole Representative
The requirements and eligibility factors for the company fall within the scope of the relationship between the sole representative and the employer company.

For the relationship between the Representative and Company’s eligibility, the Sole Representative should have been recruited and employed outside the UK by the company whose’s headquarters and principal place of business are outside the UK.

The representative should have also held a senior position within the company (but not be a major shareholder) and have full authority to make decisions on the company’s behalf.

For the purposes of the company sending you to the UK, you will need to evidence that you intend to establish the company’s first commercial presence in the UK, for example, a registered branch or a wholly owned subsidiary

Notes On Established organisations for the sole representative UK visa
You may still be eligible to apply even if the company you represent has a legal entity in the UK. The caveat is that the legal entity in the UK does not employ staff or transact business.

If your company has been working towards establishing a UK branch or subsidiary, but it has not yet been set up, you can replace a previous sole representative. Otherwise, you may need to consider another route like the Tier 2 work permit provisions.

Requirements for Newspaper, news agency or broadcast employees
As an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation, the eligibility criteria is less burdensome. You will only need to prove that you are coming to the UK because you’re being posted here on a long-term assignment.

sole representative uk visa

What Happens Once You Have Been Granted Your Overseas Business / Sole Representative Visa?

  • When you are reaching the end of your initial three years period, we could apply. for a visa extension for a further two years.
  • You will also be eligible for Permanent Residency after five years.
  • After Permanent Residency, you will be entitled to British Nationality.
  • Time spent on the visa can be combined with other visa categories to create ten year-long residency rights application.

Please, download our guide to get more information about the Sole Representative UK Visa.

Your Next Steps – Speak to our UK Immigration Experts

Our highly qualified UK immigration lawyers ensure that we understand your requirements in detail and assist at every stage, from initial consultation until receipt of your Representative of an Overseas Business Visa. Once you have been granted your Sole Representative Visa, we will then proceed to assist you to extend your visa and expand business successfully in the UK.

Applying for Sole Representative Visa is a major step while setting up a branch in the UK so make sure you get it right first time! You will need to ensure that you have the funds for your application and also for you to live on whilst in the UK. This is also known as the maintenance requirements.

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