Australia Work Holiday Visa Update: Age Limit For British Nationals & More

Australia Work Holiday Visa Update: Age Limit For British Nationals & More

The age limit for Working Holiday Visas (WHV) will be extended for British Nationals and Australians in a trade deal agreed with both countries.

The deal will increase the working holiday visa (subclass 417) age limit from 30 to 35 and give Australians and British nationals a total of three years to live and work in each other’s countries. The years will be on a separate visa which means applicants will need to apply for the first year, second and third visa.

Previously, to be eligible for a second WHM visa, you must have carried out at least 3 months of specified work.

The work includes:

  • plant and animal cultivation in regional Australia
  • fishing and pearling in regional Australia
  • tree farming and felling in regional Australia
  • mining in regional Australia
  • construction in regional Australia

Under the new deal, British nationals are not obliged to do the 3 months of farm work if they wish to apply for a second WHV.

The finer details of how and when this, and a special agricultural visa will work are yet to be released. According to reports, the Free Trade Agreement is set to kick in around March / April 2023, however, it still hasn’t been agreed yet.

Current Working Holiday Visa For British Nationals

Currently, the age of 30 years is the limit for all other Working Holiday countries (including the UK) that travel to Australia. The first Working Holiday visa allows them to stay for 12 months

Visa Holders can:

  • do short-term work in Australia to help pay for their holiday
  • study for up to 4 months (17 weeks)
  • travel to and from Australia as many times as the holder wants
  • do 3 months of specified work to become eligible for a second Working Holiday visa  

WHV is a temporary visa and visa holders must enter Australia within 12 months of the date the visa has been granted. 

The visa becomes active on the date the visa holder enters Australia. Applicants must be outside Australia when applying for this visa.

Working Holiday 417 Visa holders working in, or intending to work in, tourism and hospitality, may be able to extend their stay by up to 12 months through the 408 COVID-19 visa.

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