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US Senate Voted to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

The US Senate voted on 29 March 2023 to terminate a COVID-19 pandemic ​national emergency order implemented by the former President in March 2020 that was due to be terminated on 11 May. The resolution, H.J.Res 7, passed the upper chamber in a 68-23 vote, with 21 Democrats joining Republicans in support of the bill.…
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Unlock The Secrets of Happiness Courtesy of Finland

Finland has been named the happiest country in the world for the sixth time. The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network has just released the “World Happiness Report 2023,” and Finland has claimed the number one spot. The report takes into account numerous variables, including income, mental and physical health, and societal generosity. The Nordic…
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Canada Extends Expiring Post-Graduate Work Permits

International graduates with work permits that have recently expired or are about to expire will be entitled to remain in Canada for an additional 18 months. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced on 17 March 2023 that international students with post-graduation work permits (PGWPs) expiring in 2023 will be eligible for an additional 18-month…
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Paris Olympics 2024: Make History as a Volunteer

Paris is buzzing with excitement as it prepares to host the Summer Olympics in 2024. Paris has a long history with the Olympics, having hosted the games twice in 1900 and 1924. Paris is the fourth city to host the Summer Olympics three times, joining the ranks of London, Athens, and Los Angeles. Paris 2024…
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Experience Israel’s Culture and Lifestyle with a Working Holiday Visa

Israel is known for its lively youth culture, offering young visitors a variety of activities such as outdoor adventures, iconic historical sites, and bustling city life. Do you want to go on an adventure in Israel? Look no further than the Working Holiday visa, a perfect opportunity for young travellers seeking an exciting and fulfilling…
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