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Brexit: UK Nationals Kicked Out of Spain – 15 Days Notice to Leave Spain

Some UK nationals who have had their Spanish residency applications rejected are being sent notices telling them they must leave the country within 15 days or risk being classified as illegal. It has been reported that Spain’s Immigration Office is informing some British nationals who applied for residency under the Withdrawal Agreement that they have…
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EU Countries Tightening Restrictions for US Travellers

The United States was added to the white list in mid-June after reporting a decreasing trend in COVID-19 case numbers, and Americans have been able to travel around some European countries with relative ease this summer.  However, that changed last week after the US along with Israel, Lebanon, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia were removed…
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Can Americans Still Travel to Europe?

On 30 August, the Council of the European Union removed the United States from the EU’s list of epidemiologically safe third countries and recommended to the Member States to bring back the entry restrictions on non-essential travel due to a growing number of Coronavirus cases. Although the EU officially recommended imposing restrictions, it is up…
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Brexit: Less Than One Month to Apply for Post-Brexit Residence Status in Sweden

British nationals who lived in Sweden under EU rules before the end of December 2020, may continue to live in Sweden as long as they apply for a new “residence status” (uppehållsstatus) before the end of the application period on 30 September. Update: On 09 September, the Swedish government extended the application period from September…
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Post-Brexit: EU Passport Required When Travelling to the UK

EU nationals as well as Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway will no longer be able to use their country’s national identity cards as a means of entry into the UK from the end of September. Previously, travellers who had citizenship in EU countries could use their national ID cards to enter the UK. However, from…
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