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Netherlands Lockdown: The Netherlands Enters Lockdown Over Omicron

The Netherlands is the first EU country to re-enter lockdown as Omicron surges. Bars, restaurants, many shops, cinemas, and gyms will close until at least mid-January The Netherlands emergency response committee has advised for a lockdown of all non-essential shops and venues to get Omicron cases under control. The Dutch government has ordered a shutdown…
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France Bans UK Travellers Again – Who can Travel to France

In a flashback to last year, France has again banned travel from the UK. With a few exceptions, the French authorities have said that there will be an “obligation for all travellers from the UK to register, prior to their trip, on a digital platform allowing them to enter the address of their stay in…
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UK to Introduce Travel Authorization Requirement to Enter Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom government is planning to introduce a new system that would oblige travellers to obtain a travel authorisation before crossing the Irish border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. According to the proposed rule, EU citizens and other non-Irish or non-British nationals who cross the border from the Republic of Ireland into Northern Ireland…
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British Travellers Face Long Queues at Spanish Airports

Travellers from the United Kingdom who have reached Spain in the last few days have faced long queues at passport control.  Since the UK is no longer part of the European Union, British nationals without Spanish residency rights who reach Spain are no longer permitted to enter without a passport. UK nationals now need to…
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Brexit: France Warns of Fines to UK Nationals Overstaying the 90-Day Limit

Following the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the French authorities warned British second-home owners and visitors to France not to overstay their 90-day limit. At the end Brexit transition period in January 2021, UK nationals who don’t hold a French residency permit are subject to stricter limitations on their permitted period…
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