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Overtourism: Spanish Islands Plan To Limit British Holidaymakers

Spain has always been a preferred holiday destination for British tourists. Every year, Spain records millions of British people visiting the country to enjoy the white sandy beaches, culture, cuisine, and festivities. It has been reported that Lanzarote’s local government intends to restrict the number of visitors from the United Kingdom after declaring itself a…
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Moving To The EU: EU Countries Who Granted The Most Citizenship In 2021

Latest data shows that EU countries granted a record number of citizenships in 2021. A total of 827,300 people obtained citizenship in EU member states in 2021 which is an increase of 98,300 in 2020.  Around the EU countries, the administrative process of getting citizenship takes an average of two years, so most of the…
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US Visa Increase For Musicians

Several musicians had their sights set on the  United States but that dream is being dashed. Touring in a foreign country is not cheap and it might soon become even more expensive for artists to promote their music to the United States.  The Department of Homeland Security has proposed significant price increases for the O-type…
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EU Pushed Back ETIAS Plan To 2024

The EU has officially pushed back plans to roll out its launch of the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS). This means that travellers from more than 60 countries who can travel to the Schengen Area without a visa won’t have to fill out extra forms or pay a fee quite yet. The European…
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UK-Irish Border: New UK Travel Authorisation

The United Kingdom is introducing an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme for visa-exempt individuals visiting the country which will be enforced later this year. The UK and Ireland have an existing migration agreement known as Common Travel Area (CTA) which includes the right of Irish and UK citizens to travel freely between the two countries…
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