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The UK To Increase Minimum Salary Threshold for Foreign Workers

The UK is presently proposing a significant change in its immigration policies, which has sparked debate across all sectors. The UK government may be planning to enforce a rule that would require foreign workers to be paid a salary exceeding £30,000 to come to Britain.  Ministers are contemplating a significant shift in immigration regulations, considering…
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Spain Aims to Overturn 90-Day Rule for British Tourists

Since the UK’s departure from the European Union, the seamless travel, work, and residency opportunities that British citizens enjoyed within the EU have ceased. Despite Brexit, British holidaymakers remain a significant market for Spain’s tourism industry. The Schengen Area regulations dictate that third-country citizens, including non-EU nationals entering the territory visa-free, are permitted a maximum…
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French Senate Approves Easier Travel for British Second-Home Owners

On November 8, the French Senate took a significant step towards facilitating travel for British second-home owners who, post-Brexit, have faced a 90-day restriction on visa-free travel to France. The Senate’s decision involves the adoption of an amendment to the proposed new Immigration Law, specifically aimed at simplifying entry conditions for British citizens who own…
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UK and France To Simplify School Travel Rules in 2024

Anticipated enhancements in school and group travel between the United Kingdom and France are on the horizon as both countries are committed to removing certain post-Brexit barriers. The UK’s new border restrictions for EU travellers which accept only those with a passport have been a major deterrent for many school groups.  The British government is…
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Decline in British Tourists to Amsterdam: ‘Stay Away’ Campaign Makes Waves

Amsterdam is witnessing a shift in its tourist landscape as the city’s digital campaign, designed to deter unruly British visitors, gains momentum. Launched this spring, the initiative specifically targets 18-35-year-old British men, aiming to reshape the Dutch capital’s image from a rowdy party destination to a more refined tourist spot. City officials have taken a…
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