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EU Proposes Free Movement For Young UK Nationals Post-Brexit

The European Commission has proposed opening negotiations with the UK that would simplify studying and working in the EU for young individuals. It’s an exciting opportunity for young people to explore and grow professionally across borders even after Brexit. This would be a limited arrangement, not a restoration of the free movement of people. This…
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France Set To Launch Unlimited Rail Pass This Summer

France, with its impressive architecture, fabulous cuisine, wonderful wine, and rich history, is a popular destination for holidaymakers. Moreover, with the increasing convenience of train travel, exploring France has become even more accessible and enjoyable. Following on from the success of Germany’s Deutschlandticket, France is set to launch its own version this summer. France will…
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Travellers From 12 Non-EU Countries Need Visas to Transit Romania

Romania has at last joined Europe’s extensive Schengen area, signifying a pivotal milestone in their 13-year path toward greater integration. Following Romania’s Schengen accession on  March 31, 2024, travellers from several countries who need to make a stopover or transfer from an international flight in Romania will need visas in order to be able to…
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Holidaymakers Hit By 10-year British Passport Rule

Thousands of people in the United Kingdom are at risk of falling victim to a ‘passport 10-year rule. As British holidaymakers seek sunnier destinations, the 10-year British Passport Rule could suddenly stop tourists in their tracks. Before the UK left the EU it was possible to travel in and out freely, these days however the…
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British Government Launch A Probe On Graduate Route Visa

The Home Office has commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to conduct a rapid review of the Graduate Route visa, a post-study work option for international students. The review, requested by Home Secretary James Cleverly, aims to assess the visa route’s effectiveness in attracting and retaining the brightest students while supporting the UK’s higher education…
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