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UK Visa Health Surcharge Fees Set to Increase in 2024

Following the recent amendments to UK visa and nationality fees, the British government has set its eyes on another substantial change, which is slated to go into force in 2024. This upcoming change will largely affect the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which is a fee placed on any individual wishing to stay in the UK…
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UK Visa Fee Increase Will Take Effect Next Month

Tourist and student travel to the United Kingdom is expected to rise by October 2023. The British government has announced that the proposed hike in visa fees will become effective from October 4, 2023. A UK Visit visa for under six months will cost GBP 15 more and student visas will be GBP 127 more…
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UK Student Visa Update: International Students Lose Right To Bring Family Members In The UK

The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a surge in immigration, prompting the government to adopt stricter measures in shaping the profile of incoming migrants and reducing the overall net migration figures. Net migration refers to the difference between the individuals who relocate to the United Kingdom with the intention of residing for a duration of…
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UK To Ban International Students From Bringing Family Over

The United Kingdom is preparing to announce new measures preventing international students from bringing family dependents into the country. According to reports, the Department of Education, the Home Office, and the Treasury are set to finalise plans that prevent master’s students on one-year courses from bringing family members to the UK with them.  UK net…
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London City Airport Scraps 100ml Liquid Rule

In a huge boost for holidaymakers, London City Airport has scrapped the 100ml liquids restriction for travellers. Easter holidaymakers can now carry on up to two litres of liquid, and toiletries no longer have to be put in separate bags. The new rules came into effect on 04 April as CT scanners will take high-resolution…
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