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UK-Irish Border: UK Travel Authorisation Amended

Non-British and non-Irish who are legally residing in Ireland need not worry about securing permission prior to crossing the UK border. The UK government has decided against requiring non-Irish residents in Ireland to apply for a travel visa waiver scheme before entering the UK border. Individuals arriving in the UK via Northern Ireland will still…
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US Visa Increase For Musicians

Several musicians had their sights set on the  United States but that dream is being dashed. Touring in a foreign country is not cheap and it might soon become even more expensive for artists to promote their music to the United States.  The Department of Homeland Security has proposed significant price increases for the O-type…
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UK Visas Issued In 2022 Exceeded Pre-Pandemic Numbers

Despite reports of curbing immigration, the UK granted more visas in 2022 than ever before. According to the latest data, the Home Office issued 2,836,490 visas in 2022. A significant amount of this was made up of work visas, with one in three of them going to Indian migrants. The number of people entering from…
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UK-Irish Border: New UK Travel Authorisation

The United Kingdom is introducing an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme for visa-exempt individuals visiting the country which will be enforced later this year. The UK and Ireland have an existing migration agreement known as Common Travel Area (CTA) which includes the right of Irish and UK citizens to travel freely between the two countries…
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UK Visa For Young Indians Opens In ​February

The ballot system for young Indian professionals seeking an India Young Professional Scheme visa would begin the following week. The India Youth Professional Scheme (YPS) provides opportunities for young Indian professionals to gain work experience, develop their skills, and connect with professionals in their chosen fields in the United Kingdom.  There will be 2,400 visas…
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