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UK Electronic Travel Authorisation Scheme To Launch Next Month

The first stage of the United Kingdom‘s phased roll-out of the new Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme is scheduled to begin next month. The ETA is a digital ‘permission to travel’ scheme, which is being introduced to help strengthen the security of the UK border and to improve travel.  In general, the ETA is for…
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UK Visa Fee Increase Will Take Effect Next Month

Tourist and student travel to the United Kingdom is expected to rise by October 2023. The British government has announced that the proposed hike in visa fees will become effective from October 4, 2023. A UK Visit visa for under six months will cost GBP 15 more and student visas will be GBP 127 more…
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Finland Pilots Groundbreaking Digital Passport System for UK Flights

Passports have officially gone digital this week in Finland. Passengers flying from Helsinki to the United Kingdom can now show a digital ID instead of an ID card or passport. The Finnish Border Guard has announced it’s testing what it believes to be the world’s first digital travel documents at Helsinki Airport’s border control. The…
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UK Bank Travel Chaos: Passenger Rights Caused By A Technical Glitch

Hundreds of flights to and from the United Kingdom have been delayed or cancelled after a technical failure in the UK air traffic control systems on 28 August 2023. Although the technical issue has been resolved, many planes and crews will be in the wrong places so there will be ongoing issues with flight schedules.…
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Companies Lobby To Drop Shopping ‘Travel Tax’ as Tourists Choose EU

Tax-free shopping is one of the benefits of travelling abroad. This encourages tourism and boosts local economies by attracting foreign shoppers.  This benefit expired in the United Kingdom when the country exited the EU in December 2020. Previously, travellers from non-EU countries were eligible for the incentive. Non-EU visitors used to be able to present…
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