Heathrow Strikes End After Pay Deal

Heathrow Strikes End After Pay Deal

In a welcome turn of events, Heathrow Airport and the union Unite have reached an agreement on a pay deal, resulting in the cancellation of the planned strikes that had threatened to disrupt summer travel plans for countless passengers. 

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest aviation hubs in the world and the scheduled walkouts by airport staff from late June to the end of August have left travellers frustrated, and uncertain about their plans. 

The long-running dispute involving security officers at Heathrow Airport has ended after workers voted to accept an improved pay offer.

The union said workers will receive an increase of between 15.5 and 17.5 per cent.

“We are pleased to confirm Unite members have voted to accept a two-year above-inflation pay deal, ending the current dispute and allowing the strikes to be called off.

“We can now move forward together and focus on delivering an excellent summer for our passengers.”

A Heathrow Spokesperson

Hard Won Victory

Unite members came together to win pay increases of between 15.5% and 17.5% at the bargaining table with the management of London’s Heathrow Airport. 

“This was a hard won victory which demonstrates what can be achieved when workers stand together and take action together.

“The pay deal at Heathrow is a further demonstration of how Unite's complete focus on jobs, pay and conditions are having direct benefits for its members.”

Unite General Secretary, Sharon Graham

Among other benefits won by Unite, the Union's collective bargaining are:

  • A retroactive 10% increase to all basic salary, shift pay, and allowances from January 2023
  • A further 1.5% pay increase from October 2023
  • Increases to spot rates, salary ranges, and formal pay progression in line with the increases
  • A pay increase in line with inflation in 2024, at a minimum of 4%
  • The end of switching security workers between terminals without warning, also called direct deployment
  • Improvement in maternity pay
  • Increase in paternity pay.

What It Means To Travellers

The end of the planned strikes at Heathrow Airport brings about several positive effects for travellers. The cancellation of the strikes means that Heathrow Airport can run without disruptions from staff walkouts.

Travellers can expect a return to normalcy in terms of flight schedules, baggage handling, security checks, and overall airport services.

By cancelling the planned strikes,  travellers are spared from enduring long queues, and crowded terminals.

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