UK Visa: Latest UK Visa Processing Timeline

UK Visa: Latest UK Visa Processing Timeline

Applying for a visa can be a daunting process, particularly when it comes to the complex procedures and timelines involved. One crucial factor that often receives significant attention is the visa processing time. For individuals planning to travel to the United Kingdom, understanding the UK visa processing time is essential. 

The amount of time you can expect to wait for a visa decision differs based on the type of visa you are applying for, whether you applied from abroad or from within the UK, and whether you took advantage of any of the Home Office's paid-for priority services.

Processing times begin when you submit your application and verify your identity and end when you receive a letter or email from the Home Office with a decision on your application.

The Home Office has recently published an updated list of standard processing times for UK visa applications made outside and inside the UK. 

Applications Outside The UK

The processing times are based on the current volume of visa applications and are subject to change.

If you are applying for your UK visa from overseas, you are advised not to book any travel until a decision on your application has been made.

The current standard processing times:

  • Work visas – 3 weeks
  • Visit visas (all categories) – 3 weeks
  • Study visas (all categories) – 3 weeks
  • Family visas – 24 weeks
  • British National (Overseas) visas – 12 weeks
  • Homes for Ukraine & Ukraine Family Scheme visas – As quickly as possible.

Check the full list of visa categories here.

Applications Inside the UK

If you are applying to extend your visa or switch to another visa category from within the UK, processing times are usually longer than for overseas applications. 

You can stay in the UK until you’ve been given a decision, as long as you applied before your last visa expired.

Current waiting times for in-country applications:

  • Work visas– 8 weeks
  • Study visas – 8 weeks
  • Graduate visas – 8 weeks
  • Family visas – 8 weeks
  • Standard Visitor visas – 8 weeks
  • British National (Overseas) visas – 12 weeks
  • Homes for Ukraine & Ukraine Family Scheme and Ukraine Extension Scheme visas – As quickly as possible.

Check the full list of visa categories here.

Priority Services

If your application is urgent, you may be able to get a faster decision by using the Home Office’s priority services, which are available for an additional cost.

You may be able to get faster decisions using the following:

  • Priority Service – Within 5 working days
  • Super Priority service – By the end of the next working day

In some cases, your application may not be decided within the standard processing times. Applicants will be contacted by the Home Office if additional information is required.

For updates on submitted visa applications beyond the standard processing, applicants should contact UKVI directly. 

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