Brazil Unveils Enhanced eVisa Platform for Australian, Canadian and US Travellers

Brazil Unveils Enhanced eVisa Platform for Australian, Canadian and US Travellers

On December 1, Brazil marked a significant milestone with the launch of its upgraded VFS Electronic Visa (eVisa) platform, catering specifically to citizens from Australia, Canada and the United States seeking authorisation to visit the South American nation.

The newly revamped eVisa application process is now entirely online, offering greater convenience and accessibility. Effective from January 10, 2024, travellers holding Australian, Canadian and United States passports will need to secure an eVisa to gain entry into Brazil, with the application fee set at $80.90 (USD) per person.

A key advantage of eVisa is its flexibility, allowing multiple entries within the approved validity periods, aligning with the previous terms of conventional visas. Americans can benefit from a 10-year validity period, while Canadians and Australians will have a five-year validity.

Applicants should allow up to five business days for processing

To apply, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Register on the website,
  • Submit of requested personal information, 
  • Process payment and monitor the application status via email notifications.

Upon approval, successful applicants will receive a PDF document containing their eVisa via email. It is recommended to print a physical copy for presentation to border authorities and to retain a downloaded version on their smartphones for added convenience.

For individuals with dual nationality, it's advised to apply under the country that issued their travel documents. Moreover, travellers possessing a valid physical visa attached to their passport need not apply for a new visa if it remains valid on their intended arrival date.

The enhancement of this digital platform by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to expedite and simplify the visa application and issuance procedures, significantly enhancing the overall efficiency and convenience for travellers.

Alongside the introduction of the eVisa platform in December, Brazil also announced a bilateral agreement with Japan, mutually exempting visa requirements for stays of up to 90 days.

This reciprocal agreement, in effect since September 30, benefits Japanese visitors to Brazil and Brazilian visitors to Japan. Notably, the visa requirement was reinstated in May based on the principle of reciprocity, making this recent agreement a positive development fostering ease of travel between the two nations.

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