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Italy’s New Digital Nomad Visa: What You Need To Know

In recent years, a global shift in work culture has resulted in a rise to a new generation of professionals known as digital nomads. They can use technology to work remotely, free of traditional office spaces and geographical boundaries. Recognising this growing trend and the economic opportunities it presents, an increasing number of countries are…
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Japan To Release A Digital Nomad Visa

The global surge in technology and the widespread embrace of remote work following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic have reshaped the traditional work landscape. Now, a full-time job no longer has to tether individuals to a specific location, offering a tantalising opportunity to explore the world and choose unconventional living spaces. Joining other Asian…
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Digital Nomads To Greece Need To Apply From Home Countries In 2024

The Greece digital nomad visa is considered one of the easier digital nomad visas to get hold of. Boasting some of the lowest costs of living in Europe, Greece is a highly popular choice for many digital nomads. However, authorities in Greece have announced a shift in the application procedure as they will no longer…
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Sri Lanka Will Soon Launch Its Own Digital Nomad Visa

Sri Lanka is a long-time favourite destination thanks to the tropical weather, beautiful beaches, and affordable cost of living. Soon, remote workers will have the opportunity to relocate to a popular country with a  Digital Nomad Visa. Sri Lankan authorities recently approved the Digital Nomad Visa designed for remote workers and digital nomads who wish…
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Explore the Czech Republic’s New Digital Nomad Visa

In recent years, the digital nomad lifestyle has become a global phenomenon, offering the chance to work remotely while discovering new cultures and places. Now, the Czech Republic is stepping into the spotlight by introducing an exciting opportunity for digital nomads: the Digital Nomad Visa. As of July 2023, the Czech Republic has rolled out…
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