Thailand’s 10-Year Digital Nomad Visa

Thailand’s 10-Year Digital Nomad Visa

Thailand is one of the top visited nations around the world. The sandy beaches of Phuket, the bustling streets of Bangkok, and the mountains of Chiang Mai could all soon be options for digital nomads looking for their next home base.

Thailand will soon offer a 10-year visa to potential long-term residents, with applications opening on 1 September 2022. 

The program hopes to attract “foreign human resources with high potential and skills,” Narit Therdsteerasukdi, deputy secretary general for the Thai Board of Investment.

The program mainly targeted wealthy digital nomads and those people working in high-tech industries, like electric vehicles, biotechnology, and electronics. The visa will also be available to employees of foreign companies who want to base themselves in Thailand as digital nomad—or “work-from-Thailand professionals,” as the visa describes them.

Who Qualifies for Thailand's Digital Nomad Visa

According to the Thai Board of Investment, a successful applicant for Thailand’s Long-Term Resident Visa will fall into one of these five categories: 

  • Wealthy global citizens: over US$1 million in assets.
  • Wealthy pensioners with a stable income and aged 50 and above.
  • Remote work-from-Thailand workers under well-established overseas companies.
  • Highly-skilled experts working in Thai government agencies or Thailand-based research institutes, higher education sectors, business ventures, etc.
  • Dependents — a cap of four, either spouses or children of Long-term resident visa holders.

Long-term resident visa applicants regardless of the category (excluding dependents) must have: earned an annual income of US$80,000 for the past two years, at least five years’ experience in a relevant occupation, and a combined company revenue of at least US$150 million in the last three years. The exception to the annual income requirement is if you have a special skill or advanced degree. 

The processing fee for the 10-year visa with multiple entries is around $1382. 

Pandemic Recovery

Like most of Southeast Asia, Thailand has suffered heavily from a shortfall of visitors during the pandemic.

The Thai government expects the 10-year residence visa to generate around $27 billion worth of revenue.

Other Southeast Asian countries are also considering similar visa schemes. Check out Indonesia's five-year “digital nomad” visa to attract higher-spending visitors.

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