Digital Nomads Visa: New Residence Permit For Digital Nomads in Hungary

Digital Nomads Visa: New Residence Permit For Digital Nomads in Hungary

Another European country has opened its doors to Digital Nomads.

The Hungarian government has introduced a new residency permit for digital nomads called the

White Card, which allows internationals to live in Hungary while working for a company outside this country.

Hungary is one of the many European countries that enables nomads, freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs to legally work and live within its borders.

According to the announcement of Hungary’s government, the new residence permit is limited to a maximum period of one year. However, it can be extended once for one additional year.

The main draw for the digital nomad visa is the length of time that someone can stay in a country as most visas are valid only for a period of three months and even if a visa isn’t needed to visit a country, one is needed if they plan to stay longer.

Eligible Third Country Nationals

Non-EU citizens who meet the following requirements can benefit from the White Card:

  • Hold a valid work contract in countries outside Hungary
  • Have a share in a company with profit in a country other than Hungary
  • The applicant does not pursue gainful activity while staying in Hungary and does not hold a share in any of the companies located in Hungary

Interested applicants need to submit their applications in person at the local Hungarian Embassy. Note that you must be in your home country when submitting your application.

Third-country nationals who enjoy visa-free travel and are currently in Hungary can submit their application electronically.

Required Document For Hungary Digital Nomad Visa

Like all visa applications, you need to submit certain documents for your visa to be successful. You need to submit the following required documents:

  • Documents That Prove The Purpose Of Your Travel
  • Proof Of Financial Means
  • Proof Of Accommodation
  • Proof Of Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Documents That Meet The Exit Conditions
  • Additional Visa Documents (application form, passport etc.)

Once the application has been submitted, the regional directorate will evaluate your application within 30 days. After your White Card has been approved, competent authorities will send your new visa via post.

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