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Digital Nomad Visas: 13 and More Options For Remote Workers

How would you like to spend your workday swinging on a hammock overlooking the ocean? How about taking your meetings and phone calls while admiring medieval cathedrals and castles out your window? What about spending your lunch break tasting new foods and local delicacies? To many people, living and working in another country may seem…
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Eurostar Calls for UK Government Bailout

Eurostar, the train operator that runs services through the Channel Tunnel that connects the United Kingdom with mainland Europe is under threat.  The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has induced the government to issue travel restrictions which in turn caused a massive decline in travel between Britain and the European continent. With travel restrictions changing, the use…
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Trump lifts travel ban, Biden says no

On 1th January, the White House formally announced the end of a travel ban that restricted entry into the USA from certain countries.  United States President Donald Trump rescinded entry bans imposed because of the coronavirus pandemic on most non-US citizens arriving from Brazil, the United Kingdom and all Schengen member states. Starting at midnight…
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UK Suspends All Travel Corridors

The UK has made the decision to suspend its travel corridors from 18th January in order to prevent the spread of new variants of Covid-19. The travel corridor closure will be in force until at least 15th February. UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the recent decision in an effort to protect the country…
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US Work Visa to Prioritise Higher Wage Earners

The United States government has once again modified the H-1B visa process. The new regulation will prioritise skills and salary level over the lottery system.  According to an announcement published by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the amendments on the H-1B cap selection process will push employers to offer higher salaries and…
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