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Guide To Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

Cyprus is an island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean, known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture.  As a result of the introduction of its digital nomad visa program, Cyprus has also emerged into a hotspot for digital nomads. The program allows remote workers to live and work in Cyprus for up…
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Easter Travel 2023: European Destinations You Should Not Miss

The Easter holidays are just around the corner and it could be the perfect time travel. Whether you’re looking to escape the cold weather and enjoy some sunshine, going for a slow journey to see various landscapes in Europe or simply taking a break from the daily schedule, there are plenty of options for an…
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Norway’s Working Holiday Visa: Travel And Working Opportunity for Young Adventurers

Norway is known for its magnificent fjords, rugged mountains, and breathtaking natural landscapes, making it a popular destination for travellers looking for exciting and new experiences.  The cost of living in Norway is a bit expensive however, this is offset by the high wages paid to staff and working people. If you are a young…
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Brazil To Resume Visa Requirements For Australia, Canada, Japan, and US Citizens

In a major overhaul of its immigration system, Brazil has decided to reinstate visa requirements for nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, and the US. Brazil’s former president, Jair Bolsonaro, revoked the visa requirement with the four countries in 2019 to facilitate tourism. Citizens of Brazil still need visas to travel to the four countries. For…
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US Visa Increase For Musicians

Several musicians had their sights set on the  United States but that dream is being dashed. Touring in a foreign country is not cheap and it might soon become even more expensive for artists to promote their music to the United States.  The Department of Homeland Security has proposed significant price increases for the O-type…
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