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Australia’s Vaccine Passports

The Australian federal government announced that it will begin trials of a new vaccine passport program with select countries this week. This is a major step towards the nation’s broader reopening. Vaccine passports are widely used in the European Union. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents almost 300 airlines globally, urged countries around…
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EU To Keep the US on the Safe List

After reports that the EU was planning to reimpose restrictions for US travellers, the EU decided against the idea on 9 August 2021. Non-essential travel from the US to the EU can continue for now despite a surge in US coronavirus cases exceeding the threshold of cases and lack of reciprocity, according to the latest…
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Malta Abandons Plan to Restrict Unvaccinated Travellers From Entry

Malta has abandoned its plan to close its borders to travellers that have not received the COVID-19 vaccine. Last week, the Maltese government announced that from 14 July, all travellers would have to prove they had been vaccinated. A new notice on 13 July states that instead of barring unvaccinated travellers, arrivals in Malta would…
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Working Holiday Visa in Hong Kong

As one of the world’s leading international financial hubs, Hong Kong attracts many professionals every year seeking new work opportunities. While Hong Kong is globally renowned for its amazing skyline dominated by skyscrapers, most people forget that the city also boasts beaches and mountain trails only a few minutes away from the centre. Whenever you need…
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Poland Opens Borders to US and More

Due to the pandemic, the Polish government has implemented obligatory restrictions on Poland’s border. These restrictions limit foreign nationals’ entry and dictate quarantine restrictions upon crossing the border. The travellers from EU Member States or Schengen Associated Countries are allowed entry without restrictions if they provide proof of vaccination authorised by the EU or they…
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