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US Extends Visa Interview Waiver Authority Through 2024

The United States State Department will continue to exempt certain visa applicants from in-person interviews next year, extending the waiver authority that was set to expire on December 31, 2023. This policy, known as the visa interview waiver authority, permits consular officers to bypass in-person interviews for low-risk visa applications. Acting in conjunction with the…
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EU’s New Entry/Exit Scheme Finally Gets 2024 Launch Date

The European Union’s much-delayed Entry/Exit Scheme (EES) is due to start on 6 October 2024. The launch has been postponed multiple times as EU countries struggled to integrate their border systems with the central EES database. The new border system is an automated IT system for registering non-EU nationals travelling for a short stay, each…
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Brazil Unveils Enhanced eVisa Platform for Australian, Canadian and US Travellers

On December 1, Brazil marked a significant milestone with the launch of its upgraded VFS Electronic Visa (eVisa) platform, catering specifically to citizens from Australia, Canada and the United States seeking authorisation to visit the South American nation. The newly revamped eVisa application process is now entirely online, offering greater convenience and accessibility. Effective from…
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South Korea Mandates Airlines to Emphasise Prohibition on Opening Plane Doors Mid-Flight

South Korea is revising its guidelines for airlines in response to a series of troubling in-flight occurrences involving passengers attempting to open plane doors. The updated regulations necessitate airlines to issue explicit warnings regarding the prohibition of opening aircraft doors during a flight. This additional directive supplements the existing safety announcements made by flight crews,…
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EU Commission Proposes Advancing Visa Facilitation for Türkiye

The European Commission has presented a proposal to further streamline Schengen visa procedures for Türkiye. In a comprehensive report addressing the political, economic, and trade ties between the European Union and Türkiye, its emphasis is on the pivotal role of visa facilitation in fostering increased interactions between their people. Highlighting the necessity of finding common…
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