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China To Allow Visa-Free Entry To Travellers From 6 Countries

On March 7, 2024, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that China has expanded its visa-free travel rule to an additional 6 European countries. China will implement a visa-free policy for the citizens of  Travellers who hold passports from the six European states will be able to enter China, visa-free for 15 days, for business,…
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London Gatwick Airport Ranks as the UK’s Most Stressful Airport

Air travel, synonymous with excitement and anticipation, often turns into an exasperating experience due to the challenges encountered at airports. In the throes of bustling terminals and seemingly endless queues, certain airports consistently stand out as stress-inducing hubs. Among them, London Gatwick, the UK’s second busiest airport, holds the notorious crown as the most stressful…
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EU To End Luggage Fees and Standardise Size Restrictions

Members of the European Parliament (MEP) have voted on and adopted a resolution proposed by the Petitions Committee on 20 September, moving to scrap hand luggage charges and standardise carry-on dimensions for all airlines operating in the EU. MEPs are pushing for carry-on baggage fees to become a thing of the past as the EU…
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The UK Considers Short-Term Visa Scheme for EU Workers

The United Kingdom is considering a new short-term visa program to tackle the severe workforce shortages affecting the hospitality sector. The main goal of this proposed initiative is to bring foreign workers to the UK without causing significant changes in migration rates. This move comes as a response to the challenges posed by Brexit, the…
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EU Countries Which Granted The Most Resident Permits To Americans In 2022

Concerns about inflation, rapidly rising housing costs, and an increasing availability of remote work are just some factors that influence a significant number of Americans to move to Europe. This trend isn’t solely for temporary visits but for permanent relocation. Recent statistics reveal that over 75,000 Americans have been issued residence permits by countries within…
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