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Working Holiday Visa in Hong Kong

As one of the world’s leading international financial hubs, Hong Kong attracts many professionals every year seeking new work opportunities. While Hong Kong is globally renowned for its amazing skyline dominated by skyscrapers, most people forget that the city also boasts beaches and mountain trails only a few minutes away from the centre. Whenever you need…
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Cyprus Not Yet Ready to Join Schengen

The European Commission unveiled a set of proposals on 2 June aimed at improving the functioning of the Schengen free travel area, including a demand that EU member states expedite the admission of Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus. However, EU’s Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, announced that Cyprus is not yet ready to enter Schengen,…
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Working Holiday Visa for US Citizens

Working Holiday Visa (WHV) programs are a great way to visit a host country for an extended time and take on jobs to cover your living expenses and help supplement your travels in the country. While the term “holiday” may suggest a period of rest and relaxation, a working holiday is actually an opportunity for…
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France Travel: France Open for Vaccinated US and UK Travellers from 9 June

After announcing restrictions for UK travellers last week, the French government has decided to allow fully vaccinated visitors from Britain to enter the country and will also apply the same rule for US visitors. Vaccinated people from green countries can visit without condition, vaccinated people from amber countries can visit but must present a negative…
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Ireland Adopts COVID Passport to Allow EU, UK, and US Travellers

Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin has announced several measures to allow for a further phased reopening of Ireland’s society and economy over the summer. From 2 June, hotels in Ireland will be reopening then outdoor service and restaurants will follow on 7 June. International travel is scheduled to resume on 19 July by adopting the…
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