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BNO Visa Route: Financial Package to Help Visa Holders Settle in the UK

The British government launched a new visa scheme known as the BNO visa program last 31 January 2021, with the aim of making it easier for millions of people in Hong Kong to live and work in the UK, after China imposed an extremely stringent new security law on the Special Administrative Region. BNO visa…
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UK Restarting International Travel on 17 May

The British government has confirmed that summer holidays abroad can go ahead as scheduled. “International travel could resume from 17 May at the earliest in an accessible and affordable way,” the government says as it publishes its second Global Travel Taskforce report. Global Travel Taskforce has published how international travel, including cruises, could resume from…
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UK Overseas Travel: Summer Trips Still Unclear

Months and months of lockdown have left people excited about the prospect of travelling again this summer. People have been waiting for the announcement from the UK officials to confirm that the UK is on the way to easing travel restrictions. While confirming that restaurants, pubs and shops in England will reopen next week, Prime…
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Brexit: British Nationals Refused Entry in Spain

A group of British nationals who arrived in Spain without the needed documentation were sent back to the United Kingdom as they failed to present proof of residency. Based on Spain’s local media reports, the travellers claimed that they had not been informed regarding the requirement of residency proof applied at airports. British nationals not…
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Brexit: British Nationals Have to Leave EU Countries by 31 March

March 31st marks 90 days since the end of the transition period, the date when the UK effectively left the EU and therefore the last day that UK nationals who were in the EU before 1st January can stay in the EU without taking up residency or having a visa. UK nationals who don’t have…
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