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UK Government Keeps Graduate Visas But With Conditions

The government has decided to keep the graduate route visa for now, but it remains “under review” as part of efforts to prevent misuse by international students. There were worries that the government might tighten or even abolish this visa to reduce net migration. However, on May 23, the Home Office and Department for Education…
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EU Proposes Free Movement For Young UK Nationals Post-Brexit

The European Commission has proposed opening negotiations with the UK that would simplify studying and working in the EU for young individuals. It’s an exciting opportunity for young people to explore and grow professionally across borders even after Brexit. This would be a limited arrangement, not a restoration of the free movement of people. This…
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Germany Relaxes Student Visa Rules

Germany has implemented the second phase of its updated skilled worker law, ushering in fresh regulations.  Effective March 1, 2024, the German government has extended the working privileges and duration of validity for student permit holders. Moreover, it has initiated adjustments to facilitate certain permanent residency and family reunification procedures. The government aims to draw…
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IHS Fee Update: IHS Fee Set to Increase on February 2024

The UK Government has approved a significant 66% increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), with the change set to take effect from February 6, 2024.  The IHS, introduced in 2015, requires migrants to contribute to NHS healthcare costs and is payable alongside most visa applications for access to the National Health Service (NHS) during…
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Canada Announces Temporary Cap On International Student Admissions

The Canadian government has announced that it will set a cap on approved international student permits for the next two years. The cap will result in a decrease of 35% in approved study permits and will take effect immediately. In 2023, around 560,000 study permits were issued. Immigration Minister Marc Miller stated that Canada aims…
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