Japan Simplified Visa Routes For Graduates And Highly Skilled Professionals

Japan Simplified Visa Routes For Graduates And Highly Skilled Professionals

Getting a work permit and visa for Japan is challenging but that is about to change.

Japan hopes to enhance its economy and competitiveness by simplifying the system for granting highly skilled professional visas to foreign workers.

Japan is the world’s third-largest economy, and working in one of its growing industry sectors could get your career off to a strong start. Like many advanced countries, Japan has an aging population. It is projected that there will be almost one elderly person for each person of working age by 2060, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The effects of this are already starting to show, with the country facing a shortage of workers. 

To make itself more competitive, Japan has simplified its visa requirements to attract professionals including researchers and engineers, as well as graduates of highly ranked universities.

Simplified Visa System

Under the new routes, qualified foreign workers are able to bypass the current points-based visa system. They will also be eligible for permanent residency status after just one year instead of three.

To qualify for Special Highly Skilled Professionals “J-Skip”visa, researchers and engineers with an annual income of at least 20 million yen (£117,260.00) and either a master’s degree or 10 years of work experience. 

Those applying for advanced business and management activities are required to have an income of 40 million yen (£234,600) and five years of experience to qualify.

Entrepreneurs aiming to start a business in Japan may also be allowed to stay longer than one year under the country’s ‘start-up visa’, although details are not yet clear.

Japan also hopes to lure graduates from the world’s top 100 universities by providing them a ‘designated activities’ residency status. The J-Find” visa will allow them to stay and work in the country for two years as they search for jobs or start a business.

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