Pricing Options
Here are the options to choose from! Choose what best fits your needs and budget.
Standard Schengen Service
(120.12 +VAT)
  • Prepare the Application Form
  • Ensure the Application Form 100% Complete and Correct
  • Submit Any Online Data Required
  • Send a Required Documents List to Help Complete Your Application
  • Verify Documents for Validity
  • Secure Visa Submission Appointment
  • Verify Application
Premium Schengen Service
FROM £252.16
(210.13 +VAT)
  • Receive ALL the benefits from the Standard Schengen Visa Service 
  • An Improved Service in Multiple Factors during the Application
  • Secure Visa Submission Appointment Within 48 Hours
  • Premium Submission Service
  • Jump Queues where applicable
  • Attendence with Visa Specialist
  • Verify Application
  • No Personal Attendance Required where applicable
Embassy Fees
When submitting your application you also pay the Consulate, Courier and any opted for services like SMS notifications which are exclusive of our Fee. The Consulate Fees fluctuate between £20 to £70 depending on the application and other various Schengen visa fee factors.
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