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UK Passport: Set To Increase By 7% In April 2024

UK passport application fees are set to rise again in April. While the changes are technically subject to parliamentary scrutiny, it’s unlikely they’ll be blocked. The Home Office, which runs the Passport Office, says the new fees will help it to improve its services. It’s the second year in a row that British passport application…
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New Rules For British Nationals Driving in France

British citizens living in France have been warned of new driving laws that are coming into force. The French Government has unveiled new regulations regarding the presentation of driving licences, aiming to streamline the process and enhance security measures. Under the updated legislation, motorists will now have the option to carry an electronic version of…
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Biometric Passport Checks Threaten Eurostar Services

The much-delayed post-Brexit EU Entry/Exit System (EES) is due to go into effect in October this year, and Eurostar may be driven to reduce the number of trains because the facilities at London St Pancras have been considered “inadequate” to perform these new checks. The EES is an automated IT system for registering travellers from…
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UK Passport: Travel Warning For Red Passport Holders

Planning an overseas trip this year? British citizens who still hold a red passport have been issued a warning to check their passports before they start their journey due to strict entry rules in other countries. A large number of countries have a rule about your passport before entering, which may impact those who don’t…
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Discovering Destinations: Where Your Soon-to-Expire British Passport Still Holds Value

Planning a trip abroad? Dealing with an expiring passport can turn the pleasure of arranging a surprise getaway into a nightmare, especially for UK travellers who must wait a whopping ten weeks for their passport renewal from the Passport Office. Ensure a smooth journey by understanding the passport validity requirements of your chosen destination. Here’s…
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