New Rules For British Nationals Driving in France

New Rules For British Nationals Driving in France

British citizens living in France have been warned of new driving laws that are coming into force.

The French Government has unveiled new regulations regarding the presentation of driving licences, aiming to streamline the process and enhance security measures.

Under the updated legislation, motorists will now have the option to carry an electronic version of their driving licence and identity card using an official mobile application.

In the event of a traffic stop, individuals can seamlessly share their licence data via the designated app, enabling law enforcement to securely access their information without the need for physical documentation.

The France Identite app lets drivers keep their documents in one place, speeding up the process of roadside checks.

The app has been used for French identity cards for the last three years, but will now expand to include more documents.

The authorities have stressed that the app is voluntary and there are no plans to replace physical driving licences or identity cards.

How To Access France Identité Application

Accessing France Identité is straightforward. 

Users can download the app onto their smartphones and follow prompts to scan a QR code provided on the Restricted Information Statement. Upon scanning, the driver's licence will seamlessly integrate into the France Identité application.

The driver’s licence will be imported into the France Identité application. 

However, it is critical to highlight the French government's warning: instantaneous importation of the licence into the app is subject to data consistency between the licence and the accompanying ID card. Any differences could impede the process.

Anyone with a DVLA-issued UK driving licence will not be able to import their licence into the app because of its reliance on a “restricted identity statement”. This means any British nationals wanting to use the system will need to get a French-issued driving licence

Drivers who live in France and drive on a foreign licence are all required at some point to exchange their licence for a French one.

Under the France-UK Brexit driving licence agreement, British nationals will not need to swap their licences to a French one before their current expiration date. And, drivers do not need to take a French driving test to exchange their licence for a French one before it expires.

Failure to adhere to these regulations may result in the requirement to undergo a French driving test (both theory and practical), as a simple exchange is not allowed after the deadline.

By embracing these changes, British nationals living in France may easily go through the changing driving landscape in France while remaining compliant with regulatory obligations.

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