Spain Holiday Warning Issued For UK Tourists Amidst Local Protests

Spain Holiday Warning Issued For UK Tourists Amidst Local Protests

As tourism in Spain reached record levels in 2023, not everyone is as happy with the growing number of visitors. 

Spain is one of the top destinations for British holidaymakers and they are known to love the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, as well as mainland destinations like Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid.

British tourists are warned that a wave of protests has swept Spain, with tourists being targeted by angry locals.

Residents are saying that they have been forced to leave their rented homes because the owners intend to turn them into short-term rentals to improve their rental income.

The residents of Malaga have started placing posters in buildings asking tourists to “go home” due to the increased inflow of tourists to the country. Malaga usually attracts millions of British holidaymakers every year. However, angry locals are now voicing their displeasure in clear terms.

Meanwhile, in Tenerife, graffiti has been spotted near the seaside telling tourists to “go home”. These messages have been seen by many British visitors around the island's seafront.

Amid mounting tensions over anti-tourist sentiment, several citizens emphasised that tourism plays an important part in the country's economy by creating employment opportunities.

Heading To Spain in 2024

Since the UK has left the EU, laws have been changed and even local governments in Spain have released newly enforced rules for holidaymakers. Check our blog post here to know what has changed when travelling to Spain post-Brexit.

Before travelling, tourists must familiarise themselves with and comply with regulations set by Spain as failing to do so may result in fines. This way they can enjoy their trip, whilst staying safe and being respectful to the local rules.

Due to Brexit, UK holidaymakers must now carry proof of accommodation with them, under a new law which sees non-EU citizens fined as much as £8,000 for failing to when requested by officials.

Tourists on beaches are also warned not to fall foul of Alicante volume laws where tourists are discouraged from playing music too loudly. Tourists who make too much noise, either in public spaces such as the beach or in their accommodation, could face a fine of up to €30,000.

Other destinations in Spain are also trying to manage the flow of tourists and their behaviour. Visitors to Seville will be fined around €500 this summer for walking around in their bathing suits or shorts, without any actual clothes on top. Seville introduced a similar measure last year, while Malaga has been fining shirtless tourists €750 since 2022.

Meanwhile, Mallorca’s Magaluf is cracking down on “aggressive” alcohol consumption. Magaluf has also introduced changes for holidaymakers, with a focus on “quality” rather than “quantity” of tourists.

Every local authorities rules are different, so holidaymakers are encouraged to check up on local information before you head out.

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