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Companies Lobby To Drop Shopping ‘Travel Tax’ as Tourists Choose EU

Tax-free shopping is one of the benefits of travelling abroad. This encourages tourism and boosts local economies by attracting foreign shoppers.  This benefit expired in the United Kingdom when the country exited the EU in December 2020. Previously, travellers from non-EU countries were eligible for the incentive. Non-EU visitors used to be able to present…
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relocating staff

4 Things to Consider When Relocating Staff to A Foreign Country

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon at all for small and medium sized businesses to have remote workers all over the world. After all, employers can find talented people anywhere, not just in the country where they operate. Over time, some businesses find that it’s time to relocate their staff to a foreign country. Relocating staff is a…
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For the still unsure amongst us – A Brexit Argument

After writing our post on the Three Brexit Arguments, it seems that the person who wrote the below has either deleted or restricted access to the following post. We therefore copy and paste it as below: For the still unsure amongst us There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about June 23rd, and people…
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What you need to know about a new Budget 2015

New George Osborne’s Budget 2015 A new Conservative Budget in nearly 20 years is making a shift to a Tory economic model, focussing on economic, financial and national security of the UK. The following key changes are being planned for the UK budget 2015: New National Living Wage for over-25s will increase to £7.20 an hour…
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Wealthy Chinese Emigrate on Investor Visa

Wealthiest Chinese Investors Chose to Emigrate on Investor Visas

Unsurprisingly, Chinese Millionaires are emigrating on an Investor Visa According to statistics released, the wealthiest of Chinese Citizens chose to emigrate on an Investor Visa. Over 76,000 Chinese millionaires emigrated or were granted citizenship of another country between 2004 and 2013 as the country’s biggest companies expanded globally. Among the benefiting countries are Australia, the US…
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