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Immigration Advice Consultation Services

Immigration Advice Consultations

Discuss your immigration or visa matters or have your query on nationality, citizenship or passport dealt with, one on one with one of our UK immigration advice lawyers or another of our specialist lawyers for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, US or other destination. We offer four types of consultations.

Our Four Immigration Consultations are:

Free Consultations and Assessment
For a limited time of up to 15 or 30 minutes, we can advise you on your current immigration status, visa or citizenship application or even a passport application or renewal.

To maximise this service, please complete the various free initial immigration enquiry on our website so as our advisors have a complete and clear idea on your current situation or you can provide less information by completing our free immigration assessment form.

Alternatively, our consultations services range up to our full paid immigration advice consultation that is charged at £250.00 plus VAT (£300.00 GBP), where you can go through every issue of your current status with one of our advisors. Again, it’s in your best interests to complete the initial enquiry form.

If you decide to opt to use our full service, you can rest assured that the consultation fee is deductible from our full application fee, or our Application Checking Fee, shall you decide to use us.

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