Application for a Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa

Private Medical Treatment Visit Visa Document List Required

Please find below a list of the documents required for your visit visa application to the UK.

It should be noted that the Home Office will only accept original documents. If no original is available, photocopied documents must be a stamped certified true copy of the original. Where a document is not in English or Welsh, the original must be accompanied by a fully certified translation by a professional translator. This translation must include details of the translator’s credentials and confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document. It must also be dated and include the original signature of the translator.

Please note that documents listed are carefully explained whether they are mandatory or optional. You should collect as many documents as possible and use it as a checklist to ensure all documents where possible have been sent as soon as possible. Where you are unable to provide the original documents, please explain the reasons by adding your comments.

The documents we will require from you are as follows:

Evidence of Applicant's Identity

Current PassportMandatory
Previous PassportsMandatory
Visa or other proof of residence – if you’re not a national of the country of your residenceif availableMandatory
Recent Passport Photographs (x2)(Photo Guidance)Mandatory
Tuberculosis Test Medical certificate from UKVI-approved medical centreFor more info on TB test centresMandatory

Private Medical Treatment

Letter from your doctor or consultant in the UK, which includes:

– details of the condition requiring treatment or consultation

– estimated costs and likely duration of treatment

– details of where treatment or consultation will take place

letter from UK host organisation confirming the arrangements for your research or exchangeMandatory
Organ Donor
Passport and Residence Permit of the organ donor recipientMandatory
Proof of relationshipMandatory
Letter from a registered medical practitioner who holds an NHS consultant post confirming the need for the organ donor and details of when and where the transplant/tests will take placeMandatory
Documents showing maintenance funds and source of income
If employed:
Letter of Employment – confirming your employment (start date), position, salary, role, contact detailsMandatory
Payslipsfor the last 6 monthsMandatory
Personal bank statements – current account and savingsfor the last 6 monthsMandatory
If self-employed/owner of your own business:
Business registration and other licences required for you to operate your businessMandatory
Proof of tax paymentsMandatory
Letter of Support from whomever will be left to look after your business while you are on holidayif anyMandatory

Evidence of Accommodation

Land Registry Title/Mortgage StatementsMandatory
Tenancy AgreementMandatory
Hotel ReservationMandatory

Other Documents

Home Office Lettersif anyMandatory
Spouse’s and Children’s Passportif anyMandatory
Itinerary of visit to UKMandatory
Other evidence showing reason of visit to UKMandatory
List of travel historyMandatory

All documents should be posted or scanned and emailed to us to make sure they meet the requirements.

Please let us know if you cannot provide anything from the document list and we can discuss alternative documents you may provide.

Once we have received the documents, we will inform you via e-mail and update your application in our records.

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