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Damaged Passport: What You Need To Know

When it comes to international travel, having a valid and undamaged passport is of utmost importance.  While a small tear on your passport may seem inconsequential, it can lead to significant travel disruptions.  Damaged passports can be anything from torn or missing pages, unofficial markings on the data page, a hole punch, a small tear…
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Russian Travel Shifts Away From Europe

European destinations such as Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and Greece have seen a significant decrease in Russian tourists. The impact of sanctions on Russians, travel restrictions, and the fall of the ruble have combined to drastically reduce the number of travellers and change the destinations Russians visit for holidays. A study by travel intelligence service…
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Czechia Launched “All-You-Can-Travel” Summer Ticket

The Czech Republic has an extensive and well-developed train network, making train travel a popular and convenient mode of transportation within the country. If you are planning to explore the country this summer then you are in for a treat. The Czech Republic has introduced a new train ticket that allows travellers to visit the…
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Canada Grants Visa-Free Travel to 13 Countries

In an exciting development for global travellers, Canada has recently expanded its visa-free travel program, allowing citizens of 13 additional countries to explore the wonders of the Great White North without the need for a visa.  This significant change will undoubtedly boost tourism and foster cultural exchange between Canada and these nations.  Canadian Minister of…
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From Screen to Reality: Fans of Hit South Korean Netflix Series Overrun Swiss Village

The Swiss village of Iseltwald, nestled in the canton of Bern, has found itself facing an unexpected challenge as fans of a popular South Korean Netflix series have flocked to the village prompting concerns from the local community. Iseltwald was featured in the 2019 Netflix hit series “Crash Landing on You” capturing the imagination of…
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