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Canada Extends Work Permit to Family Members of Temporary Foreign Workers

In a move that may benefit thousands of foreign professionals, Canada will expand its work permit eligibility to the family members of Open Work Permit (OWP) holders in 2023. This comes amid the labour shortages in the country. The Open Work Permit allows foreign nationals to work in Canada for any employer and any job. …
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New Zealand Immigration: Nurses Eligible for Immediate Residency

The Minister of Immigration of New Zealand, Hon Michael Wood, has announced that nurses and midwives will be added to the Immigration Green List that qualifies migrants for immediate residency.  This means a straight-to-residence pathway among a range of new immigration settings. They will be able to enter the country under the new setting from…
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Portugal Eases Visa Rules To Combat Labour Shortage

Portugal announced on 01 September that it would b to citizens of other Portuguese-speaking countries. Citizens of Portuguese-speaking countries will now have it easier to move to Portugal as the country has facilitated visa rules for them in a bid to tackle labour shortage. The countries in the Community of Portuguese language countries (CPLP) are…
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UK Labour Shortage: Retail, Hospitality, and Care Industry Leaders Call for Temporary UK Visa

Months before the petrol crisis was felt, industry leaders had warned the British government of a supply-chain disruption. Following a British government announcement that a temporary UK visa will be launched for foreign truck drivers in an effort to ease food and fuel shortages, leaders in retail, hospitality, and care have launched an appeal for…
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Post Brexit: Call to Relax Post-Brexit UK Immigration Rules

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has urged the UK government to ease post-Brexit UK immigration rules to help companies facing staff shortages recruit more workers from overseas. The CBI called on the government to ‘immediately update its Shortage Occupation List (SOL) to include more jobs that employers find it difficult to hire for. British…
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