Contents Writer

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Contents Writer

Content writers are responsible for writing a variety of unique articles for websites, blogs and other social media with different objectives.

Job Description

  • Research ideas related to the topic assigned.
  • Sort out workable ideas by a process of elimination and keep eliminated ideas stored for future reference.
  • Write fresh content based on research and brainstorming by following instructions provided for each type of document.
  • Ensure that web page content is edited properly to increase on-screen readability.
  • Develop prototypes and storyboards using a multitude of media creation and graphics editing tools.
  • Rewrite, paraphrase or write content from scratch depending on specific instructions provided in the work order.


  • Bachelor degree in Communications, Journalism, English or related field.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Creative, positive attitude and a strong sense of urgency and teamwork.
  • Proficiency in MicroSoft Office.
  • Have relevant work experience or Portfolio of articles could be an advantage.

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