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EU’s New Safe Travel List: USA and More Added

Europe is gradually but surely reopening travel to tourists from the United States and other parts of the world this summer, with popular destinations like France and Spain recently giving vaccinated Americans the green light to visit without having to worry about the costly testing and lengthy quarantine requirements. During a meeting in Brussels on…
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Germany Planning to Loosen Travel Restrictions to All Travellers

The German authorities have announced that the country will be lifting its travel warning for most countries previously imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Such a decision was revealed by the German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas, which announced that the lifting of travel warning will help to bring back normality in the…
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France Travel: France Open for Vaccinated US and UK Travellers from 9 June

After announcing restrictions for UK travellers last week, the French government has decided to allow fully vaccinated visitors from Britain to enter the country and will also apply the same rule for US visitors. Vaccinated people from green countries can visit without condition, vaccinated people from amber countries can visit but must present a negative…
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EU Updates COVID-Safe Countries for Air Travel

Last month, the EU cleared a path to open up member-state borders to international travel by adopting guidelines recommending the easing of travel restrictions for fully COVID-vaccinated people and those travelling from countries considered to have the virus under control. On 3 June, the Council of the EU added Japan to the list of safe…
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Denmark Working Holiday Visa

Denmark is south of Norway and Sweden and north of Germany.  Denmark is home to the world’s oldest monarchy and is a great country to explore historical castles and many historical Viking sites. Denmark has a long coastline which is a great place for water activities, and beach holidays are a popular activity. The county…
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