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Suspended Tier 4 Sponsors

Please, click on the link below to know more about the list of suspended colleges and universities  (24 June 2014 by the Home Office) – Suspended Tier 4 Sponsors. IAM – Home Office List of closures If you are a student and you have been affected by the school closures please contact us right now.

Resident Labour Market Test Exemptions

As there has been some uncertainty regarding the Resident Labour Market test, please see below instances where the rest does NOT apply. Tier 2 employers can offer a job to some people without having to meet all of the provisions of the resident labour market test. This applies to you if you fall into one of the…
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Life saving transplant deny

The brother of Musa Gibba was stopped of enter in UK by the Immigration Office. Musa Gibba brother should donate kidney for life saving transplant. Of course, no matter what, this situation is heartbreaking. Lets analyse better: why the Entry Clearance of his brother was refused? The Immigration Office ruled there was unqualified evidence he…
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English Language Secure Test

After the polemic on the beginning of this year about English Tests, ETS is no longer licensed by the Home Office to award Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) iBT tests for UK immigration purposes. Because of this, customers should use another test provider. If…
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Benefits of Immigration

Despite the recent polemics about “Immigration this…, Immigration that…”, lets talk about the benefits of immigration. To the question: Why do people migrate? People migrate for many different reasons: economic, social, political or even environmental causes (like flooding). Also, some people choose to migrate to another country to enhance their career opportunities. The benefits of…
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