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Thank You for Your Submission .

We’re glad you took your time to fill out our employment application form. So what’s next you may ask?

Don’t worry…. Both our managers and our HR team will get a copy of your submission. They will go through the form.

What we are looking for? We hope you read the JD carefully, it’s all in there. But more importantly, we are looking for highly effective and productive members to welcome into the family. Those that are always hungry and are willing to go the extra mile.

…enough of the marketing, let’s get down to business.

Timeline to expect:

If you have been successfully shortlisted, we will contact you to confirm within three business days. Most applications are responded to regardless.

We usually arrange 1st round interviews at once and this can take the form of group interviews or individually, depending on the position. We are constantly looking for new staff so we arrange intakes periodically. If successful, you will be sent an interview invite.

From that stage, please expect second and third round interviews.


How we work: 

We are organised into business units. Whether Sales, Marketing, IT or other position, we follow the same process. Our business units are made up of 1st level interns. Usually 2-4 per Associates/Paralegals.

There are 2-4 Associates/Paralegals for each Client Services Co-Ordinator. The co-ordinator has the important role of managing the team, setting deadlines and co-ordinating operations with a Business Development Manager/Legal Advisor.

Each BDM/Legal Advisor manages the relationships between clients/co-ordinators and other staff. Our they are also directly reporting to management.

Each successful applicant is a valued investment for our firm and we hope that you are ready, willing and headed for great things with our organisation.

Our business targets:

Its simple. Our team are all expected to generate x5…. This means each one of our new recruits are expected to grow our business by five times as a direct result of joining our team. And you need to be able to prove it. Are you able to give our clients, our team and our bottom line five times what is expected?

iam x5

Any other info?

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