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Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21 April 1926 and became our longest-reigning monarch after more than 63 years on the throne in 2015. During her life, Her Majesty has managed to: Officially launch 21 ships Hold weekly meetings with 13 Prime Ministers Pose for 130 portraits Keep 31 of her favourite dogs corgis Invite…
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London's Favourite Canary Wharf Immigration Avdisors

Working 9 to 5? Try a Canary Wharf Immigration Advisor!

Looking for Canary Wharf immigration Advisors? IAM (Immigration and Migration) is a  professional law firm created to help busy professionals in the city. It is situated within a few minutes’ walk from Canary Wharf station to give employees working in Central London the chance to have a consultation during lunch or after work. IAM was…
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Latest News On Immigration – Home Office Immigration & Nationality Fees 2016

An Update on the latest news on immigration is that UK V&I’s (UK Visas & Immigration) fees are going to rise again as expected and announced in January by the Home Office Immigration & Nationality Fees 2016 legislation. It sets the maximum amounts that the Home Office can charge for visas, immigration and nationality applications.…
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Five ways to stay fit and healthy during cold weather

For most people, battling with the cold weather is extremely challenging that whether we like it or not, we need to get out from the comfort of our bed to go to school or to work. Do not allow winter to be the gloomiest and unhealthiest time of year for you and your family. According to an…
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Pros and cons of buying products in store and on the net : Online versus in store shopping

Black Friday Fever! Because of previous year’s riot and chaos brought about by the massive sales, people now opted to shop online for their safety and convenience. With over 36 million of UK residents going online every day, UK is biggest online shoppers in the developed world! But when it comes to our weekly shopping…
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