Month: February 2014

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Bank account controls role named CIFAS

The anti-fraud body likely to oversee proposed bank account controls set out in the Immigration Bill, the government has named as CIFAS. The controls mean that banks and building societies will be required to check all applications for new current accounts with a specified anti-fraud organisation or data-matching authority. An account will not be allowed to anyone…
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27 February 2014 – British Embassy closed

The British Embassy apologise for the inconvenience caused, once they will be closed for staff training on 27 February 2014. On 28 February 2014 it will be open and working normally.

Taiwan – New Visa Application Centre Fee for UK Visa Application

From 12 March 2014 there will be a charge of £59 ($USD100) to use the Visa Application Centre in Taiwan. The new charge will be in addition to the visa fee and will be charged at the point of booking the appointment online. The fee will cover the cost of providing the application submission facilities…
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The Chinese Market & Hong Kong

The Office of National Statistics reveal that China now provides the biggest total number of immigrants to the UK, recent figures shows that last year were 40,000 people. We can’t forget that China belongs to the BRIC countries (BRIC is the acronym to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China which are all considered…
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India – Changes to our visa application centres in March

For India,  visa application centres will be moving to new locations and modernised in March. Please see below for more information to find out where the new locations are and dates of the move. Kolkata, South Mumbai, North Mumbai, Chennai and Cochin visa application centres moving: VISA APPLICATION CENTRE KOLKATA  Date of Move: 3 March 2014 New Address: 1842,Rene Towers, Rajdanga…
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