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Canada Opens Borders to All Travellers

The Canadian government has barred many travellers, including tourists, from entering the country since March 2020. Canada’s insistence on maintaining restrictions along the Canada-US border has resulted in criticism from industry groups and some US lawmakers. This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid out a timeline for reopening Canada’s border to the US and overseas…
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Canada and USA Stand Firm With Travel Restrictions

While Americans and Canadians are being given the freedom to travel in the European Union, the same luxury isn’t afforded to EU travellers. The European Union has removed travel restrictions for travellers from Canada and the US which means visitors from both countries can enter any EU member states without any COVID test and quarantine…
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Canada-US Land Borders Still Restricted

Despite talks between US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 13 June, no deal was agreed between the North American leaders about reopening their shared land border, which has remained closed to non-essential travellers since the start of the pandemic. Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Bill Blair, announced…
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Canada and US Working to Lift Border Restrictions

Officials from Canada and the United States are expected to meet about lifting COVID-19-related border restrictions between the two nations. According to reports, business leaders in Canada and the US are concerned about the long-term financial impact the ban on non-essential travel at land borders had on each economy, but sources said no immediate action…
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Canada to Ease Travel Restrictions

After more than a year of travel restrictions that have impacted most Canadians, the federal government has finally begun to ease the rules. Ottawa has embarked on Phase 1 of a multiphase approach to lift its travel restrictions. However, the government warns that the process will be gradual and will be based on scientific data…
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