Direct Flights From the UK to Greece Resume

Direct Flights From the UK to Greece Resume

Direct Flights From the UK to Greece Resume

Greece Now Allows Direct Flights from the UK

UK represents the second biggest market for Greek travel and tourism economy in Europe and worldwide.

Greece opened its skies to the United Kingdom on July 15 and now permits direct flights from the UK. This comes after the lifting of a travel ban taken to limit the further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Although travellers from the UK were permitted to travel into Greece since June 15th, there have been no direct flights. All what travellers to Greece must do is to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) one day before your arrival into Greece.

The first wave of travellers from the UK to Greece arrived on the 15th July on charter flights to the Greek airports of Zakynthos, Rhodes and Heraklion. Additionally, flights to Athens from the UK are scheduled from July 16.

What will happen to tourists to Greece if there is an increase of Coronavirus in the UK?

What will happen if there is an increase in Coronavirus in the UK?
What will happen to tourists to Greece if there is an increase of Coronavirus in the UK?

Greece is now having the highest outbreak since the coronavirus pandemic began. In an interview with Sky News, the Greek Minister for Tourism, Harry Theocharis, assured travellers that 

“We opened our connections from July 1 and we are monitoring the situation, which is currently stable. We are looking at the numbers and the procedures that we have put in place and are very happy with the results. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not vigilant and that doesn’t mean that we don’t continue to monitor the situation… If anything, we will take targeted measures,” Minister Theoharis.

Due to the spikes of the virus in the UK and elsewhere, the tourism minister was asked if Greece is examining a possible lockdown again.

“This is certainly not the case and I would like to refute that Greece has opened its doors to foreign tourists from Europe mainly and this will continue to be the case,” he said.

Since the EU has removed Serbia & Montenegro from the European safe list of countries, Greece followed suit and removed Serbia from the list of countries allowed to travel into Greece.

When asked if Greece will ban British arrivals, as it has with Serbia, if the UK sees a second wave of the coronavirus, the minister repeated that Greece is monitoring the situation.

“The UK for a number of weeks is certainly going in the right direction… I’m very confident that the UK is firmly under control of the situation and we will not need to take any measures,” Minister Theoharis said.

British tourists are welcome in Greece

British tourists are welcome in Greece

“Certainly they (British tourists) are welcome… I am hoping that this beginning will lead to a successful, joyful and, above all, safe tourist season this year,” Minister Theoharis said.

“British tourists are welcome every year in Greece. The UK is the second biggest tourist source country for the Greek tourism industry and we enjoy receiving them and having the pleasure of their company,” he added.

When asked what would happen, should a tourist fall ill with coronavirus in Greece, the minister said that visitors found positive will be taken care of free of charge, with no need of insurance.

“Of course if some people have private insurance and want to exercise that they are welcome to do so,” he said. Travel to Greece for UK travellers that have an NHS EHIC card are medically treated for free in Greece shall the need arise as the UK government is billed the costs of treatment. 

If you are subject to get a Schengen visa, the Schengen visa requirements are that you must have compulsory medical travel insurance.

The minister also referred to Greece’s health and safety plan (Destination Greece Health First) and reminded that the country is running under health protocols, which include social distancing and hygiene rules, to ensure that the possible spread of the disease is slowed down.

Comment below on any questions or advice needed. For more information, travel, and advice on travel to Greece, reach out to your visa coordinator or start your Schengen visa application online.

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