Tier 1 UK Entrepreneur Visa

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Are you a non-European migrants and you want to work in the UK as entrepreneur?

The government of the UK is receptive to new entrepreneurs, because it recognises that it is a positive and enriching for the country.

The initial visa will give you 3 years in the UK and, if during that 3 years you can show that you met certain criteria, you can then apply for a further 2 year extension visa. After 5 years you can applying for Permanent Residence in the UK.

On Entrepreneur you can have two different categories to access:

  1. £50k,
  2. £200k.

After the issuance of the Entrepreneur Visa, IAM may advise you and accompany you to the opening of your business or with the insertion into existing company in UK.

Please, Download Guide to know the requirements and advantages of Tier 1 – Entrepreneur Visa.

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