Australia Travel Ban: Fiancee Visa Holders Now Eligible for Travel Exemption

Australia Travel Ban: Fiancee Visa Holders Now Eligible for Travel Exemption

People planning to tie the knot with partners in Australia will be granted travel exemptions, paving the aisle for delayed weddings to go ahead.

Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV) holders were not considered immediate family by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. They are not auto-exempt from the inbound travel ban, as is the case for a spouse or a de-facto partner of an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

However, on 18 August 2021, the department gave some leeway for long-term prospective marriage visa holders to be eligible for an exemption one year after the date they submitted their visa application.

The change is expected to allow 1600 people to immediately apply to come to Australia.

Until now, fiancés have had to meet strict criteria to be eligible for a travel pass because of tight coronavirus border restrictions.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said exemptions needed to be balanced against protecting Australia's health through international border rules.

Allowing prospective marriage visa holders to apply for an exemption to come to Australia, get married, and start their lives here will bring relief to those whose plans have been disrupted for so long by COVID-19.

These people have been patiently waiting to reunite with loved ones and I'm pleased I could make this change to allow for their reunification in Australia.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews

New Rule for PMV Holders

As per the new rule, a PMV holder can apply for an inward exemption in the following circumstances:

  • where the PMV Subclass 300 visa has been granted, and
  • the Subclass 300 visa application was lodged at least 12 months before submitting a travel exemption request

“This means if you applied for a Subclass 300 visa on or before 18 August 2020, and you have now been granted your Subclass 300 visa; you are eligible for an inwards travel exemption on 18 August 2021,” the website states.

The decision further states that eligible PMV holders would still be required to apply for a travel exemption from the Australian Border Force and would also have to supply appropriate evidence to support their relationship status.

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