Netherlands Announced End of Golden Visa Scheme

Netherlands Announced End of Golden Visa Scheme

In an increasingly globalised world, the Netherlands is one of the EU destinations for those looking to widen their horizons, not just in terms of culture and lifestyle, but also in terms of financial opportunities. 

The Netherlands introduced a Golden Visa program in 2013 which aims to attract venture capital funding into small business start-ups. 

This visa scheme is about letting these investors get a permanent residency permit and even citizenship eventually. However, it appears that the era of these Golden Visa privileges is drawing to a close.

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (NLS) in the Netherlands has announced that the program is set to close on January 1, 2024, amid a lack of demand and the mounting EU pressure on this type of visa scheme.

While the Netherlands may be bidding farewell to its Golden Visa, it is by no means alone in offering such opportunities. Numerous other European countries also extend invitations through their residency and citizenship programs via investments, with Spain, Portugal, and Greece being the most attractive countries.

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