Working in UK after studies

How Student Visa can be switched to Work Visa?

Student visa applications or Tier 4 is one of the largest portion of applications received by UKBA each year. The Higher Institution Statistics Agency (HESA) reported non-EU international students for school year 2011/2012 in UK has a total of 302,680, which also reflects growth as compared to the previous school year report.  China, India and Nigeria are the top three non-EU countries where students mostly came from.

But what happens after a non-EU students finished their studies? At the end of their course the students needs to leave the country, unless they have other rights to stay. If you are a non-EU student who preferred to stay and aims to get  a full time job to utilize the education that you gained in UK,  you may choose the Tier 2 route. However, some international students already have skills, education and work experiences that qualifies them to obtain a UK work visa. That’s why at IAM, we begin client’s consultation fully assessing our clients status to give proper legal advices on their visa and immigration concerns.

The question is, “Is it possible to switch student visa to work permit?”.  The answer is a big YES. I said that because of successful applicants we had in IAM, where Tier 4 students successfully switched their visa to Tier 2 visa. But of course there are requirements and procedures involved in the transition which is one of the reasons our clients seeks IAM’s expertise on their visa applications. Our clients will be ensured to get a proper legal guidance in every step of their application, will eliminate stress of applying and maximise the chance of getting a successful outcome on their applications.

If you plan to stay and work, I can give you this list for your guidance that you may tick one by one:

Educational Qualification – This means you must have a Bachelor or Master’s degree recognised in UK, and have completed the first year of your studies if you are a PhD student in UK.

Well Written Curriculum Vitae – Your CV is your best tool to get the attention of your prospective employer so you must have a good one. There are professional CV writing services if you want to polish your CV, though it will cost you a few buck but you will be more confident that it is properly made with the magic touch of CV experts.

Employer that have a Tier 2 Sponsorship – Before you apply for a job, you have be sure that the company holds a Tier 2 licence which you may check on the UKBA Register of Sponsors.

Job Offer – If you are successful with your job application, you must secure a Certificate of Sponsorship from your employer (CoS), this will be needed in your visa application.

English Language Proficiency – as part of visa application, proof of English language skills should be provided, but if you have a UK degree this is considerably met.

Maintenance Fund – This is about your finances, which you must held a minimum amount required in your bank to meet this requirement. Your employer may cover this if they will state in your CoS that they will be in-charged of your maintenance and accommodation.

Basically these are the things you have to meet or need to consider if you have plan to work in UK. Though they may seems a lot, these are attainable. If others have met all the requirements and successfully started working in UK, you definitely have a chance to make it work your way too. And if you need more guidance and assistance IAM is here, and we will be happy to assist you with your queries and visa application.

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